Lair Assault!

We’re running Lair Assault on your schedule! In comments to this post, let us know if you’re an individual (looking for a team), or a team captain. If you want to brag about how you’re going to own, that’s on you. 😉

If you’re a team captain, please list your regularly scheduled team members in a comment to this post. Once you have a team of 4-6 players, the team captain should write us (at events [at] crazysquirrelgamestore [dot] com) with assault times that your team can make. We’ll forward the message to our stable of DMs and see if anyone’s eager to maim your party… or whether your sharp blades and glinty smiles force us all to cower and… reschedule for another day.

The Mini-Con

I just wrote an article about our mini-con for Gnome Stew. If you’re interested in how it came together, or what went on to make it happen, I laid it out in some detail.

I do want feedback, particularly constructive criticism! Was there anything that you saw that was out of place? Is there anything that went wrong but you downplayed it to keep things running smoothly? What should be do differently next time? If you’d rather send us an email to comment privately, please send it to events [at]


Minicon Signup Form

It’s time to pick your games for the June 18th minicon. Click on the game you’d like to play in each timeslot, then hit submit. Don’t forget to include your name and contact info.

For more information about the various games, see the schedule. Happy gaming! (While all of the advance signup games are closed in the morning, on the spot events like Wrath of Ashardalon are planned!)

[Game signups removed, since the event has already passed. –Scott]

RPG Minicon– Preliminary Schedule

Here are the games that have been submitted for the minicon so far. If you’re a GM and want to run a game here’s a form you can fill out. If you’d like your game description modified or session eliminated, please email us at events [at] We’re aiming to have about six tables at each slot–with a little wiggle room if a couple of games only need individual tables.


Adventure Title: The Return of the Mogg Squad
Game System: D&D 4E
Adventure Description: Our favorite band of goblin warriors are summoned to battle. High adventure and hijinks ensue. Players will be provided characters. Light-hearted role play and combat as an experienced pack of worg riders.
Number of Players: 6
GM: Will Johnson

Adventure Title: Ambush in Absalom
Game System: Pathfinder
Adventure Description: An official Pathfinder Society Quest for PCs levels 1-2, or 4-5. Pathfinders are tasked with following Derris Jerval’s trail through Absalom sewers to rescue him or to retrieve his body, and complete his mission. 3 to 7 players. Pre-gens are available.
Number of Players : 7
GM: Ben Alcocer

Adventure Title: We Be Goblins!
Game System: Pathfinder
Adventure Description: Free RPG Day module.
Number of Players : 6
GM: James Tyner

Adventure Title: The Sanatorium
Game System: Call of Cthulhu
Adventure Description:Players will portray investigators of things unknown, men and women of the 1920’s who unexpectedly learn the dreadful secrets of the mythos.
A few days visit with an old friend on an offshore island seems like the ideal way to relax, but not all vacations turn out as one would wish.

A variety of pre-gen characters will be provided.
Number of Players: 4
GM: Allyson Fanning


Adventure Title: We Be Goblins!
Game System: Pathfinder
Adventure Description: Free RPG Day module.
Number of Players : 6
GM: Jack Krause

Adventure Title: Amazon Ambush
Game System: RoboTech Paladium
Adventure Description: In the heart of the Amazon jungle at a little place they like to call Hotel Hell, out numbered and possibly outmatched, can you survive the vengence of the Zentroti.
Number of Players : 8
GM: Scott Randles

Adventure Title: Into The Woods
Game System: Pathfinder RPG
Adventure Description: Warning: This game is set in my custom game world, not in the default Pathfinder world setting. The forested hills to the south of Ravenston are still recovering from a series of natural and not so natural disasters over the last year. The local druids have spared no effort in making this recovery happen . . . . so why is the local wildlife suddenly growing so, well, huge? New and younger players are especially welcome. I can provide characters or bring your own 1st levels from PF core books and APG. Two traits from APG are OK. Please, no traits and abilities from other sources. No evil alignments, please
GM: Rich Ostorero

Adventure Title: D&D for Kids
Game System: Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition
Adventure Description: Introduce kids to roleplaying with our D&D for Kids days. We schedule a session that lasts about two hours, intended for kids as young as seven through 14 years old. Perfect for beginners–or as a chance to meet other gaming kids!
Number of Players: 6
GM: Kevin Olmstead

Adventure Title: The Jungles of Naershyr
Game System: Pathfinder with Homebrew Elements
Adventure Description: “In a post-apocalypse world,jungle has overrun the planet.Alll the magic has also come back to the land-along with creatures from the depths of the world. The PCs will have to try and fight their way through various challenges in order to succeed in obtaining the Lost Artifact of Absalom.
I will be providing rules for character creation in a link soon, if you don’t want to play a pregenerated character. This game is based off the Pathfinder system, but I am adding variations.”
Number of Players: 5
GM: Ethan Gundry

Adventure Title: Curse of Crimsonwing Manor
Game System: Pathfinder
Adventure Description: Crops are wilting, livestock is being mauled, and villagers are disappearing. All of this has occurred in the last few months. Some of the hunters and shepherds claim to have seen a mysterious villa appearing only in the moonlight. The village elder thinks that that may be the source of the the troubles in the village. Not able to offer much the village has sent out a cry for help. Winter is coming and they will not make the first snow if something is not done. Are you brave enough to investigate the hidden villa? A more combat and loot centric adventure featuring a Ravenloft-esque setting. The game is also inspired by the Castlevania series, featuring some classic monsters and multiple challenges. As with all my games alternate paths are possible. Players need to generate level 4 characters. We will use the 20 point buy system, two traits, non evil alignments, wealth by level, and any resource list on as valid.
Number of Players: 4
GM: Kris S. Moreland

Adventure Title: City of Thieves
Game System: Custom
Adventure Description: Run a team of thieves through the streets of Cadwallon, sneaking through buildings, and seizing gold and rubies. The thieves run wild tonight!
Number of Players : 4-8
GM: Alex Fabros


Adventure Title: We Be Goblins!
Game System: Pathfinder
Adventure Description: Free RPG Day module.
Number of Players : 6
GM: James Tyner

Adventure Title: Slave Pits of Absalom
Game System: Pathfinder Society
Adventure Description: A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters (Tiers: 1–2, 4–5). Someone kidnapped Lady Anilah Salhar—the Chelish wife of Dremdhet Salhar, one of Osirion’s many Grand Ambassadors to Absalom—and sold her into slavery. With Salhar holding delve permits over the heads of the Decemvirute, the Pathfinders are sent to assist the Osirian Ambassador. Venturing into Absalom’s darkest corners to save Lady Anilah, the Pathfinders must face the secrets of the Slave Pits to avoid becoming slaves themselves.
Number of Players: 6
GM: Jack Krause

Adventure Title: Watch out below!!!
Game System: Cyberpunk 2020
Adventure Description: You wake up in a room with everything in it thrown around. Out the window you see that you are in a skyscraper. The door does not budge. A noise comes from behind the other door. You investigate and find…
Number of Players 6

Adventure Title: Misjump
Game System: Traveller (Mongoose)
Adventure Description: After suffering a catastrophic misjump the characters find themselves in a uninhabited system low on fuel and jump engines badly damaged. Their only hope, a derelict 600 ton Frontier class free trader in a rapidly declining orbit around one of the systems 3 gas giants.
Number of Players: 5
GM: Scott T.

Adventure Title: Murder on the Albion Express
Game System: Unisystem
Adventure Description: You are a passenger aboard HMS Albion, an airship traveling between London and the American colonies, in the year 1883. The captain turns up dead in his cabin, and you must find the murderer before reaching port and the harsh justice promised there. Treachery and intrigue lurk three thousand feet above the Atlantic– and the murderer may turn out to be you…

Character sheets will be provided. This will be a mystery, with emphasis on story and role-playing rather than combat.
Number of Players: 6
GM: Dana Huber

Adventure Title: Danse de la Morte (or other quickstart adventures)
Game System: New World of Darkness
Adventure Description: Based on interest of players available, I would like to run a demo using the quick start scenario for Vampire, Werewolf or Mage, though I may consider another of the WoD lines if their is strong interest. Pregen characters will be provided.

VtR: Danse de la Morte
4 corpses have been dumped in a park on the final night of Mardi Gras. Problems start when they wake up, unprepared for what happened.

WtF: Manitou Springs
A newly formed pack claims a territory that has been recently abandoned. The pack must work together to defend their territory.

Mage: Gazing into You
The members of established cabal are attacked in their sanctum by powerful spirits. The mages must work quickly track the spirits’ origins before they return.
Number of Players :5
GM: Ramiro Gudino

Adventure Title: The Wild Hunt
Game System: Savage World
Adventure Description: The Wild Hunt is a modern horror adventure of a cross-country bus trip gone horribly awry. Lonely travelers grouped by chance try desperately to survive the long, skulking night.
Number of Players : 6
GM: Scott Richman

Minis & Bits Bazaar on May 22

Our first Minis & Bits Bazaar is on its way! It’s a great chance to sell off your unused games, books and bits and open up space for all new gaming passions.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find some games you own but maybe don’t play much any more. This day focuses on anything in the realm of tactical minis (so, no RPGs or board games). Bring in your bits to sell, armies you’re done with, bags you want to upgrade from, etc.

2. Bring the things you want to sell to The Squirrel no later than Thursday, May 18. We’ll ask for your contact information and the price you want to get for the items. If you want to get a head start, download the attached PDF and fill it out before you come in. Minis & Bits Bazaar sign up

3. Come to The Squirrel on Sunday, May 22. Everyone’s items will be displayed and up for sale. The store will handle all the sales and at the end of the day you’ll get the full sale price of your things that sold in store credit. If we have a selection of “extraordinary” finds, we’ll hold a silent auction throughout the day with winners notified by 5 p.m.

4. Use your new found wealth of store credit at your convenience to pick up that new shiny object you’ve had your eyes on for a while.

This system proved to be successful at our board game swap in February!

April weekends at the Squirrel

We break out the camera a little less on weekends, but we still got a few shots.

April 9th was the RPG meetup. Deleria, AD&D, and a D&D 4e kids game were offered–and I got to enjoy playing Deleria. As the RPGs wound down, board and card games filled the gap, with Fighting Formations, Firestorm Armada, Legend of the Five Rings, and Agricola coming out. A few students got to hear Chris explain how to make realistic looking flesh tones for minis.

RPG Meetup photos are behind that link.

April 16th featured D&D for Kids as normal, but we also got to host the SoCal Freebootaz! Their beautiful minis fought across battlefields all afternoon.

For other pictures of the day, follow the link.

We didn’t get pictures of the board game meetup on the 23rd, but we had a lot of fun. Jennifer led people through the Game of Thrones LCG, I led Ingenious and Jump Gate, and other good games ran through the day. Jordan showed up to help us get Magic cards in order.

We got to share Easter at the store with several people–and remembered to take a photo or two. Joe and Kelly were playing A Game of Thrones when we arrived. Jennifer selected her Game of Thrones house and began building decks for them. We also saw some low key Magic–including a father and son who had gotten Magic for Easter and decided to try it out with some experienced hands available. D&D chugged along throughout the day too.

April’s Tactical Tuesdays

We’ve already shown you what April 5th looked like.

On April 12th, Battletech was in full swing. Card games were popular, including Legend of the 5 Rings.

The evening’s album.

We took more photos on April 19th. Featured were a Pathfinder game, some Magic, Warhammer 40k, Battletech, Warmachine and Hordes, and eventually Ascension. This was the beginning of the Thundercliff Peaks season, so expect to see lots of Hordes and Warmachine for the next few weeks.

For more photos, follow this link.

April Magic and Minis

April 8th featured hard fought battles in many systems and styles.
Jason, our Magic organizer, drowses while waiting for his opponent to attack.

Malifaux was popular, as was Warmachine. 40k and Firestorm Armada were also represented. Click through to see all 33 pictures from April 8th, including the Call of Cthulu game.

April 15th struck terror in the hearts of many–and not for tax related reasons!

The evening was so beautiful out that we spilled outside…

All kinds of games were played–among them 40k and Warmachine. The Vintage tourney had crazy turnout–28 players! Random pictures from the night can be found here.

On April 22nd, enough people had the afternoon off that the battles started early. Later, Alex demoed Heroclix to an appreciative audience… and pictures from throughout the evening show lots of people having a good time.

April Encounters bring May flowers?

I’m not sure I trust the rhyme, but April has been good for D&D Encounters on Wednesdays. We’re deep in the season, with the Phantom Brigade well on the March. (Click photos for larger versions.)

We had five full tables on April 6th, as the PCs defended the walls of Hammerfast, then sprinted through town where ancient orc and dwarf ghosts rose us and fought.

On April 13th, the PCs followed Faldra’s advice and headed to an abandoned dwarven monastery, seeking the Arrow of Time.

On the 20th, we tried a new scheme, launching 5 pm tables so Jennifer and I could run both 5 and 7 pm tables. It was a good idea, though my second table had to wait a while…

Still, we managed to easily fit 6 tables of encounters players comfortably. We’ll continue with the new scheme… but substituting Dana’s DMing prowess for my lackadaisical style this upcoming week.

Meanwhile, Joe and Mike got in some fighting formations while D&D battles raged around them, and Bryce managed to fight the good fight in Malifaux at the back table…

Board Games in April

The 7th kicked off our board gaming for April. This week featured an Epic Command and Colors demo by Mike, Arkham Horror, Catan, Alhambra, Munchkin, Jump Gate and more. Click through for many more pictures.

We returned on the 14th for more gaming. It was a lower key night, with Isaac teaching Dominion, a Battlelore skirmish, a Battles of Westeros skirmish, Mousquetaires du Roy, and Alhambra.

For more pictures, follow the link: April 14th photos.

Ever creatures of habit, guess what we did on the 21st? Mike demoed Fighting Formations, Ticket to Ride, Ascension, Puerto Rico, Scotland Yard, Mousquetaires du Roy, and Insecta were popular around the edges. But the big draw was Alex’s beautiful City of Thieves in 3D.

Other pictures are here.