The first week at Squirrel HQ

This has been an exciting first week for the Squirrels. Saturday was great, with a popular Roleplaying Games Meetup as the first ever (non-work) event at Crazy Squirrel.

Sunday and Monday we added a few finishing touches, preparing for the week ahead.

Several people visited us throughout the day on Tuesday. Thanks for brightening our day!

That evening was our first Tactical Tuesday, and we had a nice turnout. A 40k match fought across the big game table (with beautiful terrain), I got to play in a fun Star Trek universe fleet combat (I was the easily aggrieved Romulan Commander), and a hand of Fluxx came out.

Wednesday Night we had our first D&D Encounters, beginning Keep on the Borderlands. Veteran hand Jack led his players through the adventure and into the cave to break out poor Gordi. A while later, my group wandered into the Keep, ruffled some feathers, and soon treked out to the marsh to save Gordi.

While we were bravely plunging through the swamps to save Gordi, Joe and Kelly tussled over the fate of a Small World.

Thursday, we left the big camera at home for Board Game Thursdays; you never know who will want to keep their strategies concealed. We did nab this one photo:
, showing several games in progress. At the right front, Kelley is one of four people enjoying Fresco. On the left is a Race for the Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Ben brought in a Blood Bowl pitch and is proposing a league. Who’s interested?

Friday we had a good time filling up the store with lots of fun play. We had lots of Malifaux, a Firestorm Armada duel, a Blood Bowl match, and a few other cool things.

With a lot of help…

The store is looking a lot more like a store. That’s primarily due to the weekend efforts of several volunteers.

Ben, Tress, and Emily have helped us prime, paint, and assemble furniture. We’d be a week behind without their generosity.

Joe, Paul, Kevin and Pam: Thanks for helping us put stuff together yesterday. With your help it’s beginning to look like a store– just add games!

Bryan, Brian, and Robert: thanks for all of your help painting! Adding color made it vibrant– the way a good game space should be.

Stacy made both weekends of work– thank you so much for all of your help. We’re grateful to you for your support, encouragement, good company, and cheery stories. And rolling out that vinyl floorboard– I’m not looking forward to picking that project up tomorrow!

Dad’s been a huge help despite surgeries; hopefully he’ll soon be recovered so we can put him to work in new ways. 😉 More seriously, thank you Dad.

Thanks once again to everyone who has shown up to hold a hammer, paint a wall, or assemble a mighty display table. Without your efforts Jennifer and I would be much further behind and puddles of exhaustion.

Pictures of both days follow:

We’re in and working

On Friday we secured the keys. Today we checked the place out, swept a little… and are preparing for tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re tackling a complete floor cleaning (sweep, mop, and water)– and may also prime the walls to protect them from any moisture the concrete dye will introduce.

Getting Started

This is probably our last weekend before we get the keys. We’ve been amazed and excited by the enthusiasm the community has shown for our little project, Crazy Squirrel Game Store.

The project has developed a lot of momentum, but there are so many things we need to accomplish during the next few weeks. We’re hoping to get the doors open by October 1st, but there’s going to be some sprinting to make it happen.

While we’re waiting for the keys, we’re trying to get all of the behind the scenes paperwork corralled and ready to submit. I’m spending my time cruising forums and websites, trying to figure out exactly which products we want to stock from the start– and how many!

We’re also casting our Hirst Arts molds, in hope of having some amazing game store terrain available for use. So far they’re all gray, but the detail right out of the mold is amazing. I can’t wait to make them come to life.