Week 3: Minis and Magic on Friday

Ben and Tress demonstrate Blood Bowl to Jennifer.

From 11-01 week 3
From 11-01 week 3

In the back right corner of the room, Ryan demonstrated several games of Malifaux.

From 11-01 week 3
From 11-01 week 3

While the front corner on the big table, a combined Warhammer 40k struggle played out.

From 11-01 week 3

The 40k struggle had a lot of sides and dangerous forces.

From 11-01 week 3
From 11-01 week 3

Week 3: Board Game Thursdays

Thursday we kicked off our Ticket to Ride League. Of course, other great games were also in evidence… for example, Stacy introduced several people to Citadels. The backstabbing quotient has gone way up…

From 11-01 week 3

Jennifer got a chance to learn Castle Ravenloft.

From 11-01 week 3

But the week’s star was Ticket to Ride. Kevin brought in Pam and a co-worker, bringing her into the world of great games.

From 11-01 week 3
From 11-01 week 3

Joe and his Nephew tangled with some Killer Bunnies.

From 11-01 week 3

In the corner, planes flew in great sorties.

From 11-01 week 3
From 11-01 week 3

Magic: the Gathering was broken out, while a Firestorm mini got some very pretty brass and silver fittings painted on.

From 11-01 week 3
From 11-01 week 3

Near the end of the night, Sheila led a group of brave investigators through some Call of Cthulhu.

From 11-01 week 3

Week 3: Tactical Tuesday

Tactical Tuesday was light, but featured a great looking attack run on the death star. It looked grim at one point, but the rebels somehow survived the ties, made their bombing run, and blew up a small moon sized weapon of devastation.

From 11-01 week 3
From 11-01 week 3

The room also featured a Warhammer Fantasy match up, with the skaven creeping about the battlefield.

From 11-01 week 3

Careful observation and a cheering section motivate the clashing warriors.

From 11-01 week 3
From 11-01 week 3
From 11-01 week 3

Ticket to Ride League information

We’re excited to present Ticket to Ride as our first board game league. Here’s the rules for this first of what will be an ongoing series of board game leagues. The rules will change when we change games.

The Rules

  • $5 gets in you for the season
  • Play up to 5 games a week
  • Weeks run Thursday to Thursday to coincide with Board Game Nights
  • Cannot play consecutive games on the same day against 2 or more of the same people
  • Track the longest train you own each game
  • Games must be played at Crazy Squirrel Game Store
  • Fill out game report and have it signed by Scott or Jennifer after each game


  • 1 point for every game played
  • +1 point for each win


  • 5 points: Play room pass
  • 10 points: Drink or Snack of your choice
  • 15 points: Play room pass
  • 20 points: Drink or Snack of your choice

At league end

  • Overall points accumulated: $35 store credit
  • Second place: $15 store credit
  • Third place: $5 store credit
  • Longest train (includes all of a player’s trains combined throughout the season): $20 store credit

Note: Prizes may be increased based on league participation.

Squirrel Week 2

Week two at the squirrel continued to be filled with fun moments and a lot of great people. The store continued to develop, adding additional stock… and beginning to feel quite full.

Pam helps her pa select a good game.

The next excitement came on Tuesday, when David Borges donated a ton of great terrain for RPG and minis players!

D&D Encounters proved even more popular in its second week, with players driving down from Oakhurst to join us.

Jack leads the first adventures into our second week of D&D encounters.
Scott's adventurers explore the tavern before tangling with ambushers.

Board Game night was popular, with more than 20 people playing a wide variety of interesting games.

Near the end of the work I found my old camera and it’s now hard at work– enjoy!

Friday’s event was a big birthday bash for three guys from the CVG website. Minis games spread across the room, battles were fought… and Jennifer got sucked back into Magic. It’s all your fault Brian and Monte!

On Saturday we held the second board game meetup– our first at the store. It was quite popular. While the game of Diplomacy I was anticipating didn’t get started, a lot of fun games did. There were a few games of Puerto Rico, Roll Through the Ages, Space Hulk, and many more. Several gamers played for eight hours… then went on to play some more.

All in all, it was a fun week– filled with great games and fun nights.

The first week at Squirrel HQ

This has been an exciting first week for the Squirrels. Saturday was great, with a popular Roleplaying Games Meetup as the first ever (non-work) event at Crazy Squirrel.

Sunday and Monday we added a few finishing touches, preparing for the week ahead.

Several people visited us throughout the day on Tuesday. Thanks for brightening our day!

That evening was our first Tactical Tuesday, and we had a nice turnout. A 40k match fought across the big game table (with beautiful terrain), I got to play in a fun Star Trek universe fleet combat (I was the easily aggrieved Romulan Commander), and a hand of Fluxx came out.

Wednesday Night we had our first D&D Encounters, beginning Keep on the Borderlands. Veteran hand Jack led his players through the adventure and into the cave to break out poor Gordi. A while later, my group wandered into the Keep, ruffled some feathers, and soon treked out to the marsh to save Gordi.

While we were bravely plunging through the swamps to save Gordi, Joe and Kelly tussled over the fate of a Small World.

Thursday, we left the big camera at home for Board Game Thursdays; you never know who will want to keep their strategies concealed. We did nab this one photo:
, showing several games in progress. At the right front, Kelley is one of four people enjoying Fresco. On the left is a Race for the Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Ben brought in a Blood Bowl pitch and is proposing a league. Who’s interested?

Friday we had a good time filling up the store with lots of fun play. We had lots of Malifaux, a Firestorm Armada duel, a Blood Bowl match, and a few other cool things.