Magic Singles

Chandra welcomes Magic 2020 Core Set

Exciting News: Our card database is now online! Visit to see the cards we have available, and the cards we’d love to buy. You can search for any card and create a list from the comfort of your couch. We’ll even let you know which cards we need and which ones we’re already good on.

Buylist Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

  • We buy MOST cards, visit the store for offers.
  • We do buy collections! Please contact for more information.
  • If you would like to sell a card, but don’t see it on the buylist, it doesn’t mean we won’t buy it. – ASK!
  • The buylist prices change rapidly, so we may pay more or less than what the buylist price indicates based on demand & need.
  • Crazy Squirrel Game Store buys cards based on demand & need. Just because something is ON the buylist, does not mean we WILL buy it.
  • Crazy Squirrel reserves the right to not buy a card for any reason.

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