Minicon 2 is complete!

The second minicon finished last night. Thank you to all the GMs who stepped up and provided games, and players who took time out of a busy Father’s Day weekend to join us.

From an organizer’s stand point, everyone seemed to step up and run without needing much direction. The games ran without many immediate complaints–hopefully everyone had a good time.

We didn’t shoot many pictures–the camera battery died after only a few snaps. If you have pictures you’re willing to share, please send us links to your shots online or email us pictures. Thanks!

Feedback and Planning

If you have comments about the mini-con just past, or ideas for improving future minicons, please send comments to

Below are my observations–I’d love to hear yours, whether they agree, contradict, or address entirely different things.
– Father’s Day weekend prevented many people from being able to participate, particularly on Sunday. That’s obviously less than ideal.
– The split-slots seemed to make scheduling trickier, increasing the number of game conflicts, without adding a lot of value. Below, please find a proposed schedule for next time. Knock it around–how would you improve it?
– The Sunday PFS slots didn’t align with the non-Pathfinder slots. It would have been nice to allow people to hop from one to the other, but I didn’t prepare far enough out to coordinate correctly.
– Registration was split between mini-con signups (via the form on this site) and Warhorn (for the Sunday PFS games.). It seemed to work out okay, but I’d understand if that proved confusing. After all, the Saturday PFS games were included in the minicon selector.
– I didn’t post a link to the players-in-games list during signups, mostly to prevent a “winner’s curse”. (In a winner’s curse, the games that start to fill up are rushed because “they’re obviously the best”, or because you can always switch to less in demand games later.) Do you want to see lists of players and games during signups? If so, at what point in the process do you want to see the list?
– Related: GMs, at what point in the process do you want to know what players are are signed up for your slot? Do you want a player list on game day? Do you want the email addresses of players to develop backgrounds, etc., before the con?
– I filled games in the order submitted, allowing people to pick all of their slots at once. Would it be “more fair” to require priorities (so everyone gets their first choice, in order, before we fill second choices)? That would be more complicated, and might introduce more errors, but if there’s a strong demand, we could try it.

Five Slot Minicon Schedule

Saturday Sunday
11-3 pm 11-3:30 pm
3:30-5:30 pm 3:30-7:30 pm
6-10 pm

Note that I sandwiched the 2 hour slot between the 4 hour slots on Saturday, so that 6 hour games can be created by merging slots to form 11am-:5:30pm or 3:30-10 pm sessions.

Thanks for helping create a great con! I’m already looking forward to the next one.