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Welcome to sign-ups for our second Roleplaying Games Minicon, June 16th and 17th. First, here’s a graphic of the many cool games on offer.

Below is the form to complete to sign up for the events. Please provide an email address rather than a phone number, if possible. I tend to write game confirmations quickly when responding by email; phone calls are often saved up for the weekend. If you want to know your status sooner, make it easy for me: include an email address.

A few notes. First: watch your beginning and ending times! Some 10:30 am games end at 12:30 pm, allowing participation in games that start at 1 pm. Other games starting at the same time last until 3 pm. Note: Players with time conflicts will not be signed up for any of conflicting slots until the error is corrected. So don’t shotgun and claim 3 games at the same time–you won’t get into any of them.

For descriptions of games, including GM and number of players, scroll down to June 16th on the “upcoming events” calendar to the right. Click on the event and a full description (including confirmation of the time block) will appear. You can open as many event listings at once as you like. Alternately, click on The Minicon Event Listing for the events in post format.

If you have any questions or problems, you can email us at:

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    The game session titled “Return Policy” is a Fourthcore adventure, and may contain any of the following:

    Instant death and save vs. death effects
    High numbers of traps and hazards, usually lethal
    Extremely difficult or lopsided battles
    Logic puzzles or riddles
    Gruesome or perverse imagery
    Morally ambiguous choices
    A contrived, superficial plot

    This shall be your only warning.

  2. Question for you, Bryan B: Are custom characters allowed for your Saga game, and if so, what level is it at?

  3. It is a first level adventure. I have already created a selection of player characters (one from each class).
    I would allow a custom character as long as they meet the following requirements:

    1st Level
    33 pt build
    Humans are encouraged, but alien species would be allowed from the Core Rules.
    The character must be one that has no love for the Empire or its policies.
    The character’s short (one paragraph) bio must include a reason for this (The Empire has wronged them in some way).
    The largest weapon that the character can carry concealed (under a jacket) is a Heavy Blaster Pistol. A character may not have anything larger than that on them when the game starts (due to the circumstances).
    The game is set one year after the events in Revenge of the Sith (Ep. III).

    I’d want to review the character ahead of time. You can e-mail the particulars to should you want to create your own PC. Thanks.

    1. It sounds great Bill. I would have leapt aboard had I not been running Star Wars in an overlapping slot.

  4. Thanks to all of you who played in my Star Wars game. I had a good time and I hope you did as well.

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