RPG Minicon 2012: GM signups

After the tremendous success of last year’s minicon, we’re looking to expand–in time, if not space. This year, we’re planning a two day event: the con will run both Saturday June 16th and Sunday June 17th.

For now, our first priority is to get some games arranged. A few of you have already sent us emails–thank you for stepping up. All GMs who are interested in running a game, please fill out the easy to use form below. We’ll take your entries and create a signup sheet–hopefully offering you a table full of excited players!

For maximum flexibility, we’ve broken games into 2 hour slots, except for a long “end of day” slot. We expect most games to run for multiple slots–GMs should just check multiple boxes for longer games. For a typical con or PFS scenario, check two boxes.

If there’s something that’s missing from the form, or if you’d prefer to discuss the event unconstrained by the form layout, please email events@crazysquirrelgamestore.com.

(If you’d like to see last year’s games, here were the games on offer at the 2011 minicon.)

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  1. On Monday, June 4th, I’ll put up a post similar to the GM form above. You’ll check the events you’d like to play and submit.

    So watch like a hawk June 4th!

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