With a lot of help…

The store is looking a lot more like a store. That’s primarily due to the weekend efforts of several volunteers.

Ben, Tress, and Emily have helped us prime, paint, and assemble furniture. We’d be a week behind without their generosity.

Joe, Paul, Kevin and Pam: Thanks for helping us put stuff together yesterday. With your help it’s beginning to look like a store– just add games!

Bryan, Brian, and Robert: thanks for all of your help painting! Adding color made it vibrant– the way a good game space should be.

Stacy made both weekends of work– thank you so much for all of your help. We’re grateful to you for your support, encouragement, good company, and cheery stories. And rolling out that vinyl floorboard– I’m not looking forward to picking that project up tomorrow!

Dad’s been a huge help despite surgeries; hopefully he’ll soon be recovered so we can put him to work in new ways. 😉 More seriously, thank you Dad.

Thanks once again to everyone who has shown up to hold a hammer, paint a wall, or assemble a mighty display table. Without your efforts Jennifer and I would be much further behind and puddles of exhaustion.

Pictures of both days follow: