Feed Fresno

We’re planning a week of events dedicated to helping alleviate hunger in Fresno. We’re calling the week Feed Fresno, and we’re calling on all of our squirrels to be especially generous. More details are coming later, but this is what we’re already planning.

Beginning with a Malifaux tournament on Saturday November 26th (the Malifaux Soul Harvest), we’re running a week of events focused on gathering food to help the food. The event culminates in a charity tournament for up 48 magic players on December 3rd, being run by a level 3 judge. Then, a week later, we finish with a bang, with Foodmachine!

All together, we hope to donate more than a ton of food this year! We’ll give out prizes to the biggest donors, and make them larger if we hit our goal.

Event Details:
November 26th: Malifaux Soul Harvest.

November 27th: 40k tournament.

November 30th: D&D Encounters. Admission is 5 cans of food. For the evening, all characters have an At Will reaction power: 5 cans of food can be donated to reroll any die (similar to Elvish Accuracy). 10 cans of food can be donated to force the GM to reroll one of their dice.

December 1st: Board Game Night.

December 2nd: Friday Night Magic.

December 3rd: A level 3 judge, Sean Catanese, is coming to town and will provide cool Judge only promos as prizes. Buy in is 10 cans of food or $10, to be donated to the Food Bank.

December 10th: Foodmachine!