Potlatch Draft (Friday November 25th)

For a couple of weeks, we’ve had “potlatch” listed as the second magic event for the 25th. We were kicking around terms that meant potluck, where everyone brings a contribution to the event from home. Something like the first Thanksgiving dinner, but for Magic. Here’s how it’ll work. [We’re also running standard this night, as usual.]

For the Potlatch, each person brings three “boosters” of cards they’d like to draft. Build your boosters with cards you’d like to see–it’s your contribution, so make a booster that you’d like for someone to open. That someone probably won’t be you, so don’t put in Garruk assuming you’ll just pick him back out; we’ll pass the boosters and verify them before they get used in play.

To build your three boosters, take 10 common, 3 uncommon & 1 rare card (no duplicates), and gather them together. They must all be Standard Block (so Scars of Mirrodin forward) for this potlatch, but they don’t have to all be from one set. You can toss in a Caravan Vigil and a Bramblecrush, with maybe a rare of a Mimic Vat. Or whatever leftovers you’d like to contribute. Make each booster distinct–with an old booster wrapper around each, or some plastic wrap, or even just a rubber band!

If the potlatch draft is successful and we want to do it again, it might be fun to try out modern wide or even stranger “boosters”, but for this one we’re sticking to cards that everyone should be familiar with.

When it comes time to “open packs”, each person will pass one pack they’ve created as directed. Each person will open “the pack” they were passed and verify that it was constructed correctly. From there, the draft proceeds as normal.

I hope that sounds like fun. If you have any comments, or see any problems with the format, let us know in comments. Otherwise, we’ll have our “leftovers draft” the day after Thanksgiving. Happy pack making!