Buy List (11/12)

The buy list has done a great job of getting us some things we were missing–and pointing out a few more things that we need to look for. It has changed quite a bit since it was last published online.


Army of the Damned
Balefire Dragon

Blasphemous Act

Bloodline Keeper
Bonds of Faith
Boneyard Wurm
Brimstone Volley
Cackling Counterpart
Caravan Vigil
Creepy Doll
Curse of Death’s Hold
Curse of Stalked Prey
Daybreak Ranger
Diregraf Ghoul
Divine Reckoning
Essence of the Wild
Geist of Saint Traft
Hinterland Harbor
Intangible Virtue
Invisible Stalker
Kessig Cagebreakers

Mayor of Avabruck
Moan of the Unhallowed
Nephalia Drownyard
Purify the Grave
Rakish Heir
Stromkirk Noble
Think Twice
Typhoid Rats
Ulvenwald Mystics


Adaptive Automaton
Birds of Paradise
Buried Ruin
Cemetery Reaper
Day of Judgment
Doom Blade

Dragonskull Summit
Garruk, Primal Hunter
Glacial Fortress
Grave Titan
Honor of the Pure
Oblivion Ring
Primeval Titan
Rootbound Crag
Solemn Simulacrum
Sorin’s Thirst
Sorin’s Vengeance
Sunpetal Grove
Timely Reinforcements

New Phyrexia

Beast Within
Blade Splicer
Gut Shot
Melira, Sylvok Outcast
Phyrexia’s Core
Phyrexian Obliterator
Priest of Urabrask
Shrine of Burning Rage
Surgical Extraction
Sword of War and Peace
Tezzeret’s Gambit
Vapor Snag
Whispering Specter

Mirrodin Besieged

Black Sun’s Zenith
Hero of Bladehold
Hero of Oxid Ridge
Massacre Wurm
Mirran Crusader
Phyrexian Crusader
Sphere of the Suns
Sword of Feast and Famine
Thrun, the Last Troll

Scars of Mirrodin

Arc Trail
Copperline Gorge
Elspeth Tirel
Geth, Lord of the Vault
Koth of the Hammer
Leaden Myr
Mimic Vat
Nihil Spellbomb
Perilous Myr
Platinum Emperion
Precursor Golem
Razorverge Thicket
Revoke Existence
Seachrome Coast
Wurmcoil Engine


[Rise of Eldrazi] Student of Warfare ($3.50)
[Worldwake] Basilisk Collar ($3.75)
[Alara Reborn only]Uril the Mist Stalker ($2)
[M10 only] Bogarden Hellkite ($2)

2 thoughts on “Buy List (11/12)”

  1. ill go through ur list and see what i got for u guys… currently im really over stocked on my cards and got way to much so if i find the ones needed i will bring them by first thing friday morning. im currently seeking grave titans and a few other for a zombie deck. but ill buy the boosters for those… thankx magic players, but i have m12 and innistrad sets, so ill search for those seeking.

  2. Well squirrel… after doing some sorting i found almost the the innstrad cards wanted on this list… and will be over that way sumtime tomorrow for selling… fun times and glad to give back to the store for other decks.

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