Board Games in April

The 7th kicked off our board gaming for April. This week featured an Epic Command and Colors demo by Mike, Arkham Horror, Catan, Alhambra, Munchkin, Jump Gate and more. Click through for many more pictures.

We returned on the 14th for more gaming. It was a lower key night, with Isaac teaching Dominion, a Battlelore skirmish, a Battles of Westeros skirmish, Mousquetaires du Roy, and Alhambra.

For more pictures, follow the link: April 14th photos.

Ever creatures of habit, guess what we did on the 21st? Mike demoed Fighting Formations, Ticket to Ride, Ascension, Puerto Rico, Scotland Yard, Mousquetaires du Roy, and Insecta were popular around the edges. But the big draw was Alex’s beautiful City of Thieves in 3D.

Other pictures are here.