Getting Started

This is probably our last weekend before we get the keys. We’ve been amazed and excited by the enthusiasm the community has shown for our little project, Crazy Squirrel Game Store.

The project has developed a lot of momentum, but there are so many things we need to accomplish during the next few weeks. We’re hoping to get the doors open by October 1st, but there’s going to be some sprinting to make it happen.

While we’re waiting for the keys, we’re trying to get all of the behind the scenes paperwork corralled and ready to submit. I’m spending my time cruising forums and websites, trying to figure out exactly which products we want to stock from the start– and how many!

We’re also casting our Hirst Arts molds, in hope of having some amazing game store terrain available for use. So far they’re all gray, but the detail right out of the mold is amazing. I can’t wait to make them come to life.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Finalizing lease negotiations are frustrating– there’s literally one point separating us from the store. It’s a rare but costly when it happens thing– and we’re not sure we can get insurance to cover it. We’re working with our broker, hoping to find a policy that can stretch to cover it.

  2. Congrats Jen and Scott,

    Its truly awesome to see people follow their dreams. Its seems a long way from the Current-Argus days when we played D&D at John’s house. The only thing I won’t miss was when John would forget to put a shirt on. Hopefully, I can find an excuse to make it out there one day.

    Best of Luck!

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