Week 3 gathered

I broke the last week of pictures into a post a day, all linked together below. Enjoy!

Tactical Tuesday was a hit, featuring an attack run on the death star.
Jennifer got to play some Wednesday afternoon D&D. D&D Encounters on Wednesday increased to 4 tables of fun.
Board Game Thursdays was huge– the Ticket to Ride board game league kicked off and lots of very cool games went on around the room, including demos of Castle Ravenloft, Wings of War, and Killer Bunnies.
Magic and Minis Fridays featured some of both, plus painting, Blood Bowl, and other fun events.
Spooky Saturday was a blast; we hunted (and were hunted by) Werewolves, delved a Space Hulk, recovered memories and had an altogether great pre-Halloween.
Sunday was Halloween, where we were treated to tasty home made sushi and played a special 1920s edition of A Penny for My Thoughts.