Ticket to Ride League information

We’re excited to present Ticket to Ride as our first board game league. Here’s the rules for this first of what will be an ongoing series of board game leagues. The rules will change when we change games.

The Rules

  • $5 gets in you for the season
  • Play up to 5 games a week
  • Weeks run Thursday to Thursday to coincide with Board Game Nights
  • Cannot play consecutive games on the same day against 2 or more of the same people
  • Track the longest train you own each game
  • Games must be played at Crazy Squirrel Game Store
  • Fill out game report and have it signed by Scott or Jennifer after each game


  • 1 point for every game played
  • +1 point for each win


  • 5 points: Play room pass
  • 10 points: Drink or Snack of your choice
  • 15 points: Play room pass
  • 20 points: Drink or Snack of your choice

At league end

  • Overall points accumulated: $35 store credit
  • Second place: $15 store credit
  • Third place: $5 store credit
  • Longest train (includes all of a player’s trains combined throughout the season): $20 store credit

Note: Prizes may be increased based on league participation.

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