Squirrel Week 2

Week two at the squirrel continued to be filled with fun moments and a lot of great people. The store continued to develop, adding additional stock… and beginning to feel quite full.

Pam helps her pa select a good game.

The next excitement came on Tuesday, when David Borges donated a ton of great terrain for RPG and minis players!

D&D Encounters proved even more popular in its second week, with players driving down from Oakhurst to join us.

Jack leads the first adventures into our second week of D&D encounters.
Scott's adventurers explore the tavern before tangling with ambushers.

Board Game night was popular, with more than 20 people playing a wide variety of interesting games.

Near the end of the work I found my old camera and it’s now hard at work– enjoy!

Friday’s event was a big birthday bash for three guys from the CVG website. Minis games spread across the room, battles were fought… and Jennifer got sucked back into Magic. It’s all your fault Brian and Monte!

On Saturday we held the second board game meetup– our first at the store. It was quite popular. While the game of Diplomacy I was anticipating didn’t get started, a lot of fun games did. There were a few games of Puerto Rico, Roll Through the Ages, Space Hulk, and many more. Several gamers played for eight hours… then went on to play some more.

All in all, it was a fun week– filled with great games and fun nights.