The first week at Squirrel HQ

This has been an exciting first week for the Squirrels. Saturday was great, with a popular Roleplaying Games Meetup as the first ever (non-work) event at Crazy Squirrel.

Sunday and Monday we added a few finishing touches, preparing for the week ahead.

Several people visited us throughout the day on Tuesday. Thanks for brightening our day!

That evening was our first Tactical Tuesday, and we had a nice turnout. A 40k match fought across the big game table (with beautiful terrain), I got to play in a fun Star Trek universe fleet combat (I was the easily aggrieved Romulan Commander), and a hand of Fluxx came out.

Wednesday Night we had our first D&D Encounters, beginning Keep on the Borderlands. Veteran hand Jack led his players through the adventure and into the cave to break out poor Gordi. A while later, my group wandered into the Keep, ruffled some feathers, and soon treked out to the marsh to save Gordi.

While we were bravely plunging through the swamps to save Gordi, Joe and Kelly tussled over the fate of a Small World.

Thursday, we left the big camera at home for Board Game Thursdays; you never know who will want to keep their strategies concealed. We did nab this one photo:
, showing several games in progress. At the right front, Kelley is one of four people enjoying Fresco. On the left is a Race for the Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Ben brought in a Blood Bowl pitch and is proposing a league. Who’s interested?

Friday we had a good time filling up the store with lots of fun play. We had lots of Malifaux, a Firestorm Armada duel, a Blood Bowl match, and a few other cool things.

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  1. I’m so excited about the store and really happy I could be down there a few days this week. I look forward to spending a lot more time there! 🙂

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