Returning to Roleplaying

If you roleplayed before–long ago, or just a few years back–and are wondering about getting back into roleplaying, here’s a quick “how to roleplay again” based on a question written to the store.

The new edition of D&D has been luring a lot of people who haven’t played D&D in a long time back into active gaming–often sharing it with their children, family, and friends. It consciously incorporated elements to be familiar to 1e and 2e players in its design.

At our store, D&D meets on Wednesday nights at 6 pm for D&D Encounters. This season, the heroes began as prisoners of the drow and are fleeing through the underdark. We also meet on alternating Saturdays at 4 pm for Adventurer’s League. That’s a series of 4 to 5 hour long self-contained adventures, where you use the same character each time (carrying experience and treasure over) but get grouped with different people each adventure.

Both Expeditions (Saturdays) and Encounters (Wednesdays) are run on a drop in basis–show up when you can and try it out–you’re not committing to a multi-year campaign. Many players have found other players via these organized play games and continued on to build a home group that meets on a schedule that works for them.

To play, you need only to show up with a pencil and some dice. (You can often borrow dice from fellow players; we usually have spares.) I suggest using a pregenerated character for the first time to get a feel for the game and how it plays before spending hours reading the rulebook. Unless you’re a reader, in which case, the Player’s Handbook is the way to go.

If you have a group of players in mind already (like family or friends) and don’t want to play in public, the D&D Starter Set does a good job of introducing the rules and provides a pretty good adventure for whoever chooses to DM.

Welcome back to roleplaying!

If you’re worried about fitting in at the table or being able to purchase the books, here’s Jennifer’s take:
We encourage new players, so the tables should be nice and welcoming. If anyone isn’t welcoming, feel free to mention it to staff so we can address it quickly.

We’ve got a good selection of dice and all the new D&D books. Our RPG section is pretty deep, with D&D, Pathfinder and dozens of independent titles.