Out of the Abyss, Encounters Season 3 starts September 9th

The next D&D Encounters adventure, Out of the Abyss, kicks off the Rise of Demons storyline. Next Wednesday (September 9th) we’ll gather at 6 pm to make new first level characters and swap stories. The following week, the adventure begins!

We’ll have all of the materials players need, including character sheets and a copy of the Adventurer’s League rules. If everyone bring their Player’s Handbooks, character generation will be a little faster; it’s hard to look up spells while others are selecting their equipment.

If you would like to DM this upcoming season of D&D Encounters, thank you! Send an email to scott [at] crazysquirrelgamestore.com or comment here and we’ll get you the adventure so you’ll have plenty of time to prep.

I hope you’re all looking forward to the new season!

2 thoughts on “Out of the Abyss, Encounters Season 3 starts September 9th”

  1. At Crazy Squirrel, last night was character creation for the new D&D Encounters season, Out of the Abyss. More than 20 players attended, some with experience from the first day of the starter set, to brand new players who’d never played D&D. Players handbooks were cracked, advice was passed around, and many anecdotes were related.

    We also confirmed several GMs for the upcoming season. Our season 3 GMs are:
    John Beynon
    Ron Lugge
    Adam Davis
    and Weston Bird
    I’ll cover a table for stragglers and first timers.

    We also had several people volunteer to backup GM.
    James Walton
    David Becerra
    Matthew Valenzuela
    and Meng Thao.

    Thank you to everyone who volunteered to GM. The adventure starts next Wednesday!

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