Warhammer 40,000 Escalation League

WH40KEL has been designed to encourage regular play for those who have irregular schedules and to provide organized semi competitive play format focused on rules reinforcement as well as hobby growth.


League fee is $15. For the duration of the league, members gain access to the game room for no additional cost for league games.

Players will be required to play two games a month, “Challenge” and a “Check Mark” Game. Players will use the Google Doc. CSGS League Score form to submit their scores.

“Challenge” matches shall be declared against another participating (paid) member and shall only be declared only when all who are ranked lower have declared their “Challenges first.A “Challenge” is scored as 3 point for win, 2 for Draw and 1 for loss.

“Check Mark” games (2 points per player) may be played against anyone outside of league and including participating league player. Furthermore anyone who has played their “Check Mark” game against another who is not participating needs to provide a battle report with pictures. “Check mark” games may be played at any time before or after your “Challenge” match. “Check Mark” will award 2 points for each player.

Each month shall have a minimum of points to be played and that is what is expected when “Challenging” an opponent. Your first league game will consist of 500 points and each month increases its minimum* points to be played by 250 respectably. Games with point values exceeding the minimum* point requirement may be played. However, In a Challenge, if any opponent is not able to or does not want to field more than the minimum* then the minimum* MUST be played. 2000 points is the goal and will finish in April 2014.

Each month there will be 3 points awarded to those who paint at least 250 points

As a Token of gratitude to our hard working league players there will be a ONE TIME 10 point bonus to your overall score for recruiting a new** player to the CSGS League play

*The Minimum is the Maximum allowed to build a list from and it may be common for lists to be a few points short.

**a new player is defined as anyone who is not already entered as a league member as of March 1st and who will provide written confirmation indicating who referred them. The referral must be made by a League member.

Late Entries are allowed and after paying the league fees have the opportunity to make up points missed only after the current month’s obligations are met. Furthermore,a minimum of one “Makeup challenge” and “makeup check mark” game must be played per month to qualify for points.

Army Swap: At anytime during the league you may swap out armies however you will be considered a “Late Entry” without having to pay league fees again.

Current month league event

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