2013 Minicon Signup

It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for–player signups for the RPG minicon on June 15th and 16th!

For descriptions of the offered games, see Roleplaying Minicon 2013 Games.

Saturday Games

June 2013 Minicon selector
Seats remaining were updated at 2 p.m. Friday, June 14. *Below is the list of games; as the con has passed, it’s no longer a form that can be filled.

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Game 10:30 am – 1 pm
(Not playing this slot)
FULL: Call of Cthulhu: The Haunted Mansion [GM: Allyson Fanning]
Pathfinder: We Be Goblins Too! [GM: Josh McIllwain] (1 remaining)
FULL: Dresden Files RPG: Neutral Grounds [GM: Tony Ridgway]
Dot-Dash-Dot: Fate Accelerated [GM: Scott Martin] (1 remaining)
Iron Kingdoms, Full metal Fantasy: Fools Rush In [GM: Nathan Clark] (1 remaining)

Game 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
(Not playing this slot)
Dark Heresy: The Heresy Within [GM: Nick (Blitz) Clark] (2-3 remaining)
Advanced D&D: Quest for Undeath (and Other Worthy Causes) [GM: Clay Gilpin] (5 remaining)
D&D Next: Vault of the Dracolich [GM: Andy Aleman, Ian Bethel, or David Balough] (5 remaining)
FULL:Pathfinder: We Be Goblins [GM: Will Johnson]
FULL: Pathfinder: We Be Goblins, Too [GM: James Tyner]
Savage worlds – Pirates: Pirates – sewing and biting [GM: Joel Soto] (2-4 remaining)

Game 6-10 pm
(Not playing this slot)
FULL: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire — Shadows of a Black Sun [GM: Josh McIllwain]
Pathfinder: We Be Goblins, Too [GM: Will Johnson] (1 remaining)
Psi*Run [GM: Scott Martin] (1 remaining)

Sunday Games

Noon – 6 pm
Race For the Runecarved Key (1-12+) (Pathfinder Society – Pathfinder RPG)
Sign up for a table on warhorn!

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  1. Gamers playing in the D&D 5th ed playtest, you can make a character by downloading the playtest packet at DNDNEXT.com. 4th level, standard (not rolled) stats, 150 gold. DM’s dont forget to print out the pregens.

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