Throne of Eldraine Prerelease Weekend (September 27-29)

Throne of Eldraine is based off the Brother’s Grimm stories along with being heavily inspired by legends of King Arthur!

We are hosting our first Kids’ Sealed tournament for Magic the Gathering to celebrate the upcoming set. The pre-release event begins at 4:00pm on Friday, September 27th and it’s for kids aged 8-16 (we ask for a parent or guardian to be present for the duration of the event).

The all ages sealed tournament begins at 7 pm Friday.

Saturday features 2-Headed Giant at 11 am, and another sealed at 4 pm.

Sunday’s competitions are at 10 and 3. Welcome to a great weekend of Magic!

Descent into Avernus: Season 9 of Adventurer’s League begins September 23rd!

This is the perfect time to join Adventurer’s League. The new Season 9 Book, Descent into Avernus released earlier this week and GMs are running character creation for the new season!

Christine and David are running new character creation on Monday and David is starting the new adventure with new PCs on Thursdays. Steve is running the new Essentials Adventure on Friday night. Plus John Roberts has a table open on Mondays as well.

Plus other cool adventures are continuing — not everyone is winding down their current adventures yet!

On Wednesdays JJ will begin the new book with new characters in early October.

For more on the new adventure and Season 9, check out the Fresno Adventurer’s League page here — and the Adventurer’s League Organizer’s page below.

Grand Reopening! (Pop-Up Gen Con Saturday)

This weekend we celebrated being one of the few Pop-Up Gen Con events in the world. Since we’ve also completed our move, we decided to make it special and celebrate our Grand Reopening too!

So we had 4 days of great events, including Learn to Paint, Board Game Demos (including Gen Con exclusives), Pathfinder 2e demo, character creation and play, a King of Tokyo tournament, a Speed Paint contest, and a cool LARP: Here’s My Power Button. The full event listing. Over 100 people joined us for the event!

Thursday, players came to check out the Gen Con board games — Josh and other early preparers taught a few, while others were picked up, read and played by curious gamers.

Friday night featured the first Pathfinder 2e play and a Learn to Paint.

Saturday morning dawned early — and a few gamers got in a couple of rounds of Just One, a fun party game that won German’s Game of the Year award.

Josh teaches Just One!
Josh teaches Just One!
Just One - another view
Just One – another view
Just One - Steve, Kevin & Pam
Just One – Steve, Kevin & Pam join in
Just One - Kevin & Pam join the party!
Just One – Kevin & Pam, view 2

By 11, two games were being demoed in parallel. At one table, Steven Duran taught Curios!

Steven Duran teaches Curios
Steven Duran teaches Curios
Steven Duran teaches Curios
Steven teaches Curios

At the other demo table, Tracy Tosta taught Point Salad!

Tracy Tosta teaches point salad
Tracy teaches Point Salad
Point Salad demo
Point Salad

To kick off the afternoon, Scott ran a King of Tokyo tournament. Matt Wenzel took Tokyo for first, followed by Alfredo Chavez, Jason Wilcox, and Adam Q. (Pictures of a shattered Tokyo omitted to spare the squeamish, though a twitch stream of the game is here — King of Tokyo tourney.)

Back in the main room, Steven was leading a game of Hadara.

Steven pivots to teaching Hadara
Steven teaches Hadara

Meanwhile, Josh taught Little Town —

Josh teaches Little Town
Josh teaches Little Town
Josh teaches Little Town (new players)
Josh teaches Little Town again

Later, we tried out Mental Blocks… and found it surprisingly fun. It gets even better with more players — up to 8!

Mental Blocks in Play
Mental Blocks, a sleeper hit
Mental blocks picks up
Mental blocks adds “all orientation” to challenge the players
Eight players tackle a fiendishly tall tower in Mental Blocks
Eight players tackle a fiendishly tall tower

Elsewhere, at the same time, was Speed Painting!

Foul minion painted
A foul minion is speedily painted
Nick prepares the paints
Nick prepares the paints

Speed Paint on Saturday
Speed Paint on Saturday
Jesus puts on his paint judging hat
Jesus puts on his paint judging hat

The winners got cool dragons to take home (and paint!)

Speed Paint winner poses with dragon
Speed Paint winner #1 with dragon
Speed paint winner
Speed paint winner with dragon mini prize!

Before he left to prepare for the evening’s LARP, Josh taught Medium. It’s a lot of fun, similar to The Mind in many ways.

Josh teaches Medium
Josh teaches Medium
Medium in play
Playing Medium

Casey taught Terror Below. If you like Tremors, you’ll find a lot to like!

Casey teaches Terror Below
The ground quakes!
Terror Below
The terror only looms so far…

Plus, at 4 pm, games of Pathfinder 1e and Adventurer’s League kicked off!

Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer's League players at the table.
D&D AL begins
Another Adventurer's League table
Another Adventurer’s League table
The Pathfinder 1e game was streamed on twitch!

Core 2020 prerelease this weekend!

Core 2020 is almost here, and there will be a few changes introduced with it!
Core 2020 will be the first set where stores will be able to host Prereleases on friday, this will also be the set that introduces the “London Mulligan Rule”.

Pre-Release Core 2020 box image

– 7:00 PM (Sealed)
– 11 AM Prerelease (2HG)
– 4 PM Prerelease (Sealed)

– 10 AM Prerelease (Sealed)
– 3 PM Prerelease (Sealed)

Price is going to be:
$25 until June 28th
After the 28th price is going to be raised to $30

More information on the set on the Wizards website.

RPG Minicon & Free RPG Day – GM signups!

Once again, we’re hosting a roleplaying games mini convention to coincide with Free RPG Day. We’ll be gaming June 18th and 19th.

This is your chance to run the games that you love to an appreciative audience–or to try out cool new games!

GMs, we’re taking your game submissions… now!

Free RPG Day icon Player submissions will begin June 6th. As always, GMs get cool bonuses for running. Admission is free, just like a roleplaying meetup writ large.

Now send in those games! I can’t wait to see what I’ll be playing.

Free Play February

It’s Free Play February! We won’t be charging an entry fee throughout the month so no need to worry about play passes to get into the game room. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the game library for free! freeplayfeb

Keep your eyes out for exciting new membership deals in the weeks to come.

Returning to Roleplaying

If you roleplayed before–long ago, or just a few years back–and are wondering about getting back into roleplaying, here’s a quick “how to roleplay again” based on a question written to the store.

The new edition of D&D has been luring a lot of people who haven’t played D&D in a long time back into active gaming–often sharing it with their children, family, and friends. It consciously incorporated elements to be familiar to 1e and 2e players in its design.

At our store, D&D meets on Wednesday nights at 6 pm for D&D Encounters. This season, the heroes began as prisoners of the drow and are fleeing through the underdark. We also meet on alternating Saturdays at 4 pm for Adventurer’s League. That’s a series of 4 to 5 hour long self-contained adventures, where you use the same character each time (carrying experience and treasure over) but get grouped with different people each adventure.

Both Expeditions (Saturdays) and Encounters (Wednesdays) are run on a drop in basis–show up when you can and try it out–you’re not committing to a multi-year campaign. Many players have found other players via these organized play games and continued on to build a home group that meets on a schedule that works for them.

To play, you need only to show up with a pencil and some dice. (You can often borrow dice from fellow players; we usually have spares.) I suggest using a pregenerated character for the first time to get a feel for the game and how it plays before spending hours reading the rulebook. Unless you’re a reader, in which case, the Player’s Handbook is the way to go.

If you have a group of players in mind already (like family or friends) and don’t want to play in public, the D&D Starter Set does a good job of introducing the rules and provides a pretty good adventure for whoever chooses to DM.

Welcome back to roleplaying!

If you’re worried about fitting in at the table or being able to purchase the books, here’s Jennifer’s take:
We encourage new players, so the tables should be nice and welcoming. If anyone isn’t welcoming, feel free to mention it to staff so we can address it quickly.

We’ve got a good selection of dice and all the new D&D books. Our RPG section is pretty deep, with D&D, Pathfinder and dozens of independent titles.

Out of the Abyss, Encounters Season 3 starts September 9th

The next D&D Encounters adventure, Out of the Abyss, kicks off the Rise of Demons storyline. Next Wednesday (September 9th) we’ll gather at 6 pm to make new first level characters and swap stories. The following week, the adventure begins!

We’ll have all of the materials players need, including character sheets and a copy of the Adventurer’s League rules. If everyone bring their Player’s Handbooks, character generation will be a little faster; it’s hard to look up spells while others are selecting their equipment.

If you would like to DM this upcoming season of D&D Encounters, thank you! Send an email to scott [at] or comment here and we’ll get you the adventure so you’ll have plenty of time to prep.

I hope you’re all looking forward to the new season!